What does it mean to be aligned with your True Self?  Each of us has an Inner Guidance System.  It is part of the true essence of who you are and resonates from your core.


Far too often you follow the voice in your head as it attempts to keep you in fear and ego.  I am sure you have heard the term ‘follow your heart’.  Well, that doesn’t always work, your heart can lead you astray if it is only in alignment with your head.  When you align the desire of your heart with the truth that resonates from your core, your Divine Wisdom, and follow that alignment, you are free from the fear of making the wrong choices.  Wisdom Awakens!
When you stop thinking and really listen to your Divine Wisdom, you are guided with a peace and clarity that feels like a kind of warmth in your belly or chest.  This is because you have instinctively learned to trust this ‘gut feeling’ which is your Spirit’s voice within.  Wisdom Awakened!
Crystal is passionate about helping you connect with your Sacred Self and awakening your Divine Wisdom.  Claiming and embracing your own personal power liberates you from living out your life as others see you vs. living your life as you wish to be seen.
Why don’t you start your journey today?
Each journey is as unique as the individual having it.  Let Crystal guide you on yours and learn to navigate with your Divine Inner Guidance System.  To find out more, click here.